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Gods must be Cozy

Posted by Krishna KBS on February 24, 2007 at 9:54 AM

It is fashionable to say that the gods are crazy..
Or should I say Gods? Heck! Does it matter?
I dont know...And frankly, dont care.

If there is a god -- which is a bit hypothetical -- he/she/it/whatever shouldnt mind if people dont give them too much respect and fear. As gods should be kind and concerned.
But are gods kind? Are they concerened about what happens to us?

Of course, we cant be sure that gods ought to be kind and concerned. After all, who has seen god.
Has anyone seen the god? Or even a god?

Gods and ghosts only seem to be seen and experienced by friends' friends.
It never happens to the person in question.
What does that prove? -- If it proves anything.
Another difficult question...that doesnt have an answer.

But then isnt life like that?
The questions that really matter dont have answers.
I mean, what happens to us after death? No one knows. No one seems to want to answer that.
People say that we will be reborn and all that. And also that the pains and sufferings that we undergo and the few pleasures that we have in the present life (assuming that we have a past life and a future life) are a reason of our doings in our previous birth.
What holy crap!!
If there is a previous birth, and our sufferings are because of that, then isnt it logical and reasonable to assume that we should have some memory of this -- if not for anything else, at least to assure ourselves that we arent committing the same crimes and the same mistakes?
But then, can we expect gods to be logical?
And can we expect myth to be reasonable?
Because rebirth is a myth. Nothing but a myth.
Only old men, who are supposedly well-learned talk about rebirths. I havent met many young people who talk about rebirth or look forward to being born again. Does this mean that old people just wish that their ambitions and goals that they didnt achieve in this life, and the pleasures that are denied them in this life, would be probably and hopefully set right in the next life, as they realize that they cant achieve them in the little time that is left to them to live?
Who knows.
Probably god does.

That brings us to the original question: Do gods exist?
If gods exist, why dont they help us when we are in trouble?

There is a scene in a Telugu movie that I watched when I was a kid, and which has always stayed with me.
The scene shows the protagonist abusing an idol of god and trying to destroy it. A saint comes that way and questions his actions. The protagonist replies that god is useless and doesnt help; and as he had made that idol himself, he has every right to destroy it. The saint smiles and tells him that similarly gods too might be playing with humans -- who are gods' toys.

The scene makes sense up to a point.
Its like what Shakespeare has said in King Lear:
"Like flies to wanton boys, we are to the gods; they kill us for kicks."
Am sure that I got the quote wrong. But does it really matter? Everyone knows the line.

However, there is a crucial difference between the scene in the movie and the quote, which, by the way, is a favorite of Thomas Hardy: The idol was created by the protagonist, whereas flies arent created by them.
This difference suggests that Shakespeare doesnt think that god created humans, but still plays with them, as gods are stronger/mightier.

Anyway, does it really make a difference about whether god created man or man created god?

If god exists he/she/it/whatever should appear. Should help. Should be accessible.
Otherwise, it only shows that gods are too cozy, and arent bothered if humans and other living creatures' lives are screwed up.

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Reply Jobin
5:40 AM on May 11, 2007 
Human beings created God, presumably.. We have little evidence to the contrary. But we do have evidence for the idea that human beings created gods. We see 'x's and 'y's who claim to be gods.. and if you're persuasive enough, you can make a god out of the pond near your house or a rock.. <br> <br>The sad part is that these creeps who make a big deal out of this 'God' concept create trouble and violence in the world.. <br> <br>Check out my blog.. I updated it recently.. <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Random, with a purpose</a>