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Is life a gift?

Posted by Krishna KBS on November 28, 2011 at 3:15 AM

Is it?

I keep hearing from various people on a daily, nay! hourly basis that life is a gift, and that we should be careful of what we do. According to this thesis, --- and I'm not saying outright that the thesis is stupid or otherwise....right now --- life is God's gift, and human life is the pinnacle of existence.

Pinncale of existence? Really?

However, before getting caught in that particular mire, here's a bigger one: People along with lecturing on how we should behave, also tell that that we should behave in a a certain way, which would glorify our existence, and result in our ending up as wonderful specimens of life. Sounds weird? But well, they do have their reasons. You see they believe that life is good, as it is God's gift.


Put concisely, what they mean is, and I'm guessing here: We shouldn't criticise life because it is God's gift, and as it is God's gift, it is good, and as it is good, there is nothing to criticise. 

Nowif there are circular arguments, that is one! Or do I mean something else altogether?

However that might be, I  have a small issue with the statement that life is good. Yes, with the statement "life is good," not with the statement "life is a gift."

Ah! Why?

Well, it's a long story...

No, actually a short one. But, I guess, it would make more sense a few lines later.

As for life is good, I cannot help wondering why people pray if life is good.

They do, don't they? 

But why?

If life is good, they shouldn't. Right? Stands to reason, doesn't it?

People pray not because they are happy with their existence, but because they want something. People pray because they have desires. Otherwise, they would becomes Buddha or Boddhisatva (if that's the spelling), and attain Moksha -- whatever that means.

Cross that. No, No! people don't hope to attain Moksha. They have too many desires that they need to satisy before that. Moreover, any bugger who desires Moksha, can't be termed as someone deserving Moksha. A Catch-22 situation, if there is one.

Confusing? It's quite simple...but will explain it in a different post.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, we remember God when we are in pain. A quick count of the number of times we say  "Thank God" and "Oh! God" is revelatory. Yes, one isn't supposed to take the lord's name in vain; but if that is the only way people do remember Him, then what can the poor lord say, but "So Be It!"

Don't you agree?

So, by necessity God would see to it that life isn't good, as if it it is good, no one would remember Him. I guess that seems to make him seem petty; but heck, can anyone say with any sort of conviction that isn't the case?

The old timers, I strongly believe, got it right. Jehovah or Indra or Ra, call Him by any name, is a true representation of God. A vengeful, petty, jealous, and all-powerful God who has to be mollified daily.

So, how come we don't pray to these gods these days?

When you wonder, it is pretty simple.

Such qualities -- vengeful, petty, jealous -- wouldn't make us love Him, would they? So, God, or rather the representation of God evolved to such an extent that we now have a God who is just a synonym of Love and More Love. 

However, that representation doesn't seem believable in the light of our lives. Does it?

So, we create another story, another myth --- that life is good. Hell! It is so obviously untrue that we generally don't even try to disprove this myth. Everyone knows that life isn't good. Otherwise why do even religious texts ask one to aim for Moksha, and by that work themselves into a corner?

They do, don't they?

However, we need to forget that life isn't good, as it becomes very difficult to continue living if we acknowledge the fact that life isn't good.

That doesn't mean that life isn't a gift. Of course, it is. Otherwise humans would be able to create life from nothing. Even cloning needs DNA, or in other words "LIFE."

However, that doesn't necessarily make it good. Does it?

All this shows that Life is a gift; but it isn't good.

Now wonder the old timers also say that Never look a gift horse in the mouth!

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