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Pointless Existence or Existential Point?

Posted by Krishna KBS on April 17, 2012 at 1:05 AM

Sometimes I just wonder why we carry on doing what we are doing. Whether it is being in a profession orin a relationship or plain carrying on with our lives -- meaningless as they are.

What makes me wonder all the more is that we carry on doing things that we do not like to do. We carry on doing things such as going to an office which does not appeal to us or staying in a relationship that stfiles us or studying for a career that we loathe.

Why do we do these unreasonable things?

Along with these things that have far-reaching impact, most of our everyday decisions and most of our daily actions seem to be governed by pointlessness. Yes, pointlessness might extend to simple and seemingly silly things like going to a movie when we do not feel like it, or switching off the light when we do not want to, eating when we are not hungry.

Of course, these are trivial examples. However, that is the point. We do not have a say sometimes in even trivial things; so, as for the more serious stuff we do not need to even think -- as someone else will have thought about what we should do, and to not agree with them would just lead to an argument. A pointless argument, if I may say so.

All this result in our life seem like a pointless existence.

But, why? Why do we not have a say in most of the things that concern us? And more importantly. why do we carry on doing pointless things?

These questions, though apparently unconnected, have this in common: They have a lot to do with who our peers are. Most of the pointless things that we do, which result in making our life seem meaningless, are due to peer pressure. It is due to this pressure students indulge in mindless hooliganism or rebellion, middle-aged idiots start having itches, and housewives watch mind-numbing serials.

Yes, a few exceptions are present, such as people tend to act in a pointless and meaningless manner on their own volition. For instance, some might just carry on going to the same supermarket despite being cheated everytime, irrespective of there being no peer pressure to force them to do so. This is just inertia or force of habit.

So, habit and peer pressure make us do things that we would not do -- if  we think logically.

Now, the question arises as to why do we give in to peer pressure of habit?

Are we weak? Can't we rebel?

The answer, if we are honest, is bitter: No, we cannot rebel against peer pressure and/or habit.


Frankly, that is a no-brainer. We cannot rebel against peer pressure and/or habit as our very identity is dependant on them.


Well, it is simple, actually. People are known by the company they keep, and to distinguish between people in a group their eccentricities do help. Worse, without these eccentricities and groups, people are lost and suffer from identity crisis.

So, the pointless of our current existence is due to our striving to make an existential point.

Sad? Well, yes. But true, nonetheless.

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1 Comment

Reply Nanditha
5:50 AM on April 17, 2012 
Good. :) But I guess it doesnt really matter if the pointlessness is about something trivial. Thinking why we're doing everything is a trifle tiring. What say?